Retinal scanner confirmed for the Vivo X5 Pro, company eyeing a May release

Retinal scanner confirmed for the Vivo X5 Pro, company eyeing a May release
Unlike most brand name Chinese smartphones in the making, the Vivo X5 Pro rarely makes headlines. But when it does, it makes for a new element from a consistently interesting puzzle. Brought to you from the maker of the world's thinnest production smartphone right now, the X5 Pro has a front camera that's able to stitch together images into an interpolated 32MP self-portrait! Furthermore, Vivo has put together a rounded metal frame that's topped off with 2.5D curved glass, giving the X5 Pro a distinct appearance. 

With a Snapdragon 615 SoC and 3GB of RAM, along with a 6-inch display (or so) and a generous 3200-3500mAh battery, the X5 Pro will provide solid 64-bit performance. But the most interesting part, the one that's a literal eyeful, is the retina scanner security, whose addition Vivo confirmed today. The X5 Pro isn't the first smartphone to come with one of these sci-fi ocular security mechanisms - the ZTE Grand S3 has already shipped with one, and Fujitsu is working on an iris scanner attachment. But Vivo wants to turn eye scanning into a superior solution than fingerprint reading, touting it as a means to safe access that's facilitated by just a glance. 

It shall be interesting to compare this mechanism, which probably uses the front camera to trace the unique blood vessel patterns inside the retina, to the reasonably seamless and secure fingerprint reading exploited by Apple and Samsung's hero phones. Come whatever may, the Vivo X5 Max should be announced pretty soon, and we'll probably get a lengthy introduction to all of its design, camera, and eye scanner quirks at the event.

via The Android Soul

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