Results: would you buy the resurrected Samsung Galaxy Note FE?

Results: would you buy the resurrected Samsung Galaxy Note FE?
So, the Galaxy Note FE is out in South Korea and is, reportedly, doing amazingly well. In case you just got an Internet connection, here's a quick recap: the Note 7 died due to battery issues, the Note FE is a refurbished variant with the same design, similar hardware, and a smaller, safe battery. There you go — 11 months of history in one sentence.

Anyway, rumors have it that the Note FE may not be limited to the South Korean markets only. Some analysts are playing "hot potato" with our hopes and dreams, suggesting that Sammy might be keeping a stock of the Note FE earmarked for a few international markets. And we thought we'd ask, if that's true and the FE does indeed come over to the Western part of the globe, would you lunge towards the first Samsung store that stocks it? Here's how that poll went:

Would you buy the resurrected Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Yes! I need it now!
No way...
Only if it costs $500 or below


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