Report: Apple seeks to hire former Google employees for help with its mapping app

Report: Apple seeks to hire former Google employees for help with its mapping app
According to a new report, a source with connections to both Apple and Google say that the former is looking to hire ex-Google employees who worked on Google Maps in an effort to repair the problems seen on the iOS 6 mapping application. The source is said to be a former contractor for Google who worked on the integration of Street View and third party data to improve the European coverage on Google Maps, and also worked on the application's turn-by-turn directions. Apple allegedly has been successful signing up former Google employees who would rather work on a whole new project instead of just updating one that has been completed.

According to the source, Apple has to integrate its own 5 million miles of street view data with purchased data and find the right partners to catch up to Google. As it stands, Apple's mapping application now has a reputation for showing directions that most users are not going to be able to trust 100%. Even if Apple does correct the problems, it is going to take some time before the public as a whole is going to feel that they can rely on the application. So Don't expect a quick fix, no matter how many former Google Maps employees are thrown at the job.Once Apple re-launches the mapping application, it has to be perfect. It doesn't matter how many years of goodwill a company has with the public; make the same high-profile mistake twice and you're bound to lose a lot of the public's trust, even if you are Apple.

source: TechCrunch
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