Red accented HTC Incredible & Nexus One being delayed by Verizon?

Red accented HTC Incredible & Nexus One being delayed by Verizon?
At this point it's pretty much safe to say that we'll eventually see the HTC Incredible make its way to Verizon's lineup alongside the Nexus One – which of course has been officially confirmed during the Nexus One's unveiling back in January. After we reported on how the Nexus One was experiencing some issues with multi-touch, Big Red has ceremoniously placed the brakes on its launch indefinitely until things have been ironed out with it – there's no questioning the strict tests and guidelines that Verizon imposes on its handsets before making it available. With that in the books, it looks like the Nexus One might be delayed by Verizon until the end of this month. Now there are juicy pieces of news are surrounding one of its brothers – the HTC Incredible. It's rumored to utilize the same exact touchscreen as the Nexus One, so Big Red is also dishing out the same grueling process on that handset to meet its expectations – potentially causing it to be delayed until May. Additionally there were some shots taken of the HTC Incredible with red colored accents used on its buttons and possibly a red colored rear cover. We know that Verizon customers are really aching to see these handsets already, but its good to see that Big Red doesn't want to see any headaches come out of its launches – it only accentuates their stance on providing the best handsets out there.

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source: Phandroid

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