Nexus One having problems with multitouch?

Nexus One having problems with multitouch?
This is news that might make some Nexus One owners feel a little upset and make Motorola DROID owners smile. The former phone is having some problems with its multitouch support. Wait-don't panic. The pinch-to-zoom is working just fine. We know many of you who would rather miss their morning coffee than lose pinch-to-zoom. No, the problem is when two fingers are close to each other or cross the same axis, the data points get reversed. An app called Multitouch Visible Test is available in the Android Market and is supposed to show exactly where the phone is recording the two finger touches. Using this app reveals the problem with the phone.

While some are complaining about the multitouch on the Nexus One, the DROID has no such problems despite running the slightly older 2.0.1 OS. And for those ready to cry "Shenanigans", the DROID currently does support multitouch for Google Maps and for third party games. Check out the video below which shows the problem that the N-One has had. Can this be fixed? It doesn't appear to be a software problem, unfortunately. In fact, a Google engineer named Diane Hackborn (what a GREAT name for someone dealing with smartphones) says that the touchscreen on the Nexus One is the same as used on the G1 and myTouch models. She says that the DROID has a sensor from a different manufacturer that behaves differently. Between the lines, she is saying that the display on the Motorola device is more capable and can better handle multitouch action. Since it is not an Android problem and is not software related, there is not much outside of a recall that can fix the problem.

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source: AndroidandMe

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