Recent News is a smart new reader that learns from you

Recent News is a smart new reader that learns from you
There is no shortage of news aggregators in the Play Store, some more elaborate, like Flipboard, some more basic like simple RSS readers, but a newcomer on the scene is aiming for the golden middle.

The Recent News app comes with a knowledge graph that lets you pick favorite topics, and then aggregates content around them, gradually learning the ropes, and serving you a more and more targeted news stream. While aggregating articles from various sources to fit your own narrative has a debatable value on critical thinking, if you are simply looking for a fast and no-fuss way to check out what's going on in the world, Recent News will do the job, and then some.

In addition, you get a "one-minute" news summary that loads in a jiffy when you are in a hurry, and can be the first thing you read when you open your eyes, or choose from hot, local and other news categories. You wouldn't want to keep a great story for yourself, so the app allows you to share news on Facebook, Twitter, and other venues.

Developer: Recent Media Inc.Download: Android
Category: News & MagazinesPrice: Free


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