Where to buy the Razer Phone in the US

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Where to buy the Razer Phone in the US

Packed with high-end features, including a large 120Hz display (in a first for the US market), the Razer Phone is launching on November 17 for $699.99 - a price worthy of all the advanced features that the device is offering. As you probably know, this is Razer's very first smartphone, and while it may be made for gamers, it will likely serve you well regardless of what type of user you are.


But where can the Razer Phone be bought? Well, online, the handset will be sold via Razer's own website (see the source link below to reserve the phone), as well as via Amazon. Interestingly, the new smartphone will also be found in select Microsoft Stores across the US. Razer is selling many products via Microsoft Stores - including gaming laptops running Windows, plus accessories - so it's not that weird for its phone to be available there, even if this is an Android device.


The Razer Phone will be offered unlocked. Unfortunately, it looks like the handset will be compatible only with carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile, so folks wanting to use it on Verizon or Sprint are out of luck (at least for the beginning). 


Do you plan to buy the Razer Phone anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!  

source: Razer 


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