RIM's latest patent outlines a cell phone charging capable holster

RIM's latest patent outlines a cell phone charging capable holster
In such a volatile landscape, most people would agree that RIM needs to focus on quickly developing its BlackBerry 10 devices in order to stay relevant. However, it doesn’t entirely mean that they can’t stop looking at other avenues – like continuing to make some useful accessories for its devices.

One of them actually, is found in a recent patent filing to the USPTO yesterday, as it clearly outlines a cell phone charging enabled holster. As you can pretty much gather from the accompanying image, the BlackBerry of choice sits snuggly into the case, where it’ll be charged while on the go – and of course, you’ll need to plug in the holster in order to charge its very own internal battery.

Needless to say, it’s not the first time we’ve seen something along the same line, as there are a myriad of cell phone cases with built-in batteries – like the ones from PowerSkin and Mophie. Still, we’d imagine that the charging mechanism would be an automatic process, similar to how some BlackBerry smartphones automatically turn off their displays when placed in a particular holster. Considering that RIM’s smartphones are known to be easy with sipping battery power, this self-charging holster will undoubtedly extend usage time tremendously.

source: USPTO via CrackBerry

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