Mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 4 Review

Mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 4 Review

Mophie Juice Pack Plus is an iPhone 4 power pack that has impressed us with its capacity, but as it adds to the battery life, has it managed to keep thickness at the level of Mophie's previous product, the Juice Pack Air, and is it worth the $100 price tag? You'll know the answer to the first question from the get-go – the Juice Pack Plus is virtually as big as the already pretty thick Air at 0.71 inches of girth. It makes your iPhone 4 look like it worked out religiously only to put an amazing muscle mass of 2.5 ounces. It's not obese – it's bigger, stronger, with 2000mAh dwarfing the 1420mAh battery on the iPhone 4 and the 1500mAh capacity of the Mophie Juice Pack Air. In a nutshell, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus totally ruins the slim profile of your iPhone, but in return it turns into a well-armored soldier. One hardly fitting in your pocket, though.


But let's start from the beginning and that's how you fit your handset in the case. To do that you simply take off the top part and push the iPhone in for a snug fit indicated by a silent click. Mophie has cut out holes for the camera, mute switch and the 3.5mm jack, while the volume rocker and lock key are accessed via silver plastic buttons on the case. The only minor issue we noticed is that folks with bigger hands might have a hard time reaching for the mute button. Overall, the Juice Pack is a well protected case with a soft touch rubber coating on the back and matte plastic on the inside. We tested a black juice pack, but you could order it also in yellow, pink and blue.

On the front, sound is redirected through two holes and you can notice a slight improvement as the case itself acts as a speaker box for better acoustics and fuller overall sound. On the bottom, you have an LED status indicator activated by the nearby button and showing you how much juice you have left. Mophie's battery pack comes with a microUSB-to-USB cable for charging the device and it's plugged in the pass-through port on the bottom right. Finally, the left side holds a tiny switch for turning the juice pack on and off.

There are two omissions that we would have wanted to see in this product: some kind of screen protection and kickstand..



1. MarkL

Posts: 1; Member since: Oct 27, 2011

I just ordered my 3rd Mophie in less than 6 months. iPhone4. Each has broke. This 3rd one broke in less than a week. Its the charger port each time. The port on the case that needs to charge the phone. Great great idea. Love the product. Hate the way its built. The same thing happened to my friend who referred it to me. Well, back to car chargers again. Don't waste you money on this. I'm $300 in the hole so far. -Mark L, Charlotte NC

3. mflogistics

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 22, 2012

Try Mugen Power Batteries

2. rabeahf

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 01, 2012

Don't buy this! Between my husband and I, we already purchased four so far in the last two months. Each one is worst than the others. They are so cheaply made that you hardly get a good use of them because where the charger is suppose to plug, gets broken by second week you have it. And no one wants to exchange them.

4. Megger

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 27, 2012

I gave up on Mophie. I purchase the PhoneSuit Elite and have been so impressed. It's much thinner and feels better in my small hands. The quality is much better. Check it out.

6. michaele11694

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 30, 2012

I too have just set aside my fourth Mophie juice back plus. They work fine as long as they work. The micro USB port fails after about two months. I've used only the cable that comes with the Mophie so it's not the fault of the cable. It's outrageous that a unit costing almost $100 lasts less than 100 days. Stay away.

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