Qualcomm announces their next generation FLO-EV technology

Qualcomm announces their next generation FLO-EV technology
Just by watching the most recent Super Bowl, one can definitely see that FLO-TV was heavily advertised during commercials for the big game. Attempting to gain some momentum off that advertising campaign, Qualcomm announced at MWC an update to its FLO broadcast platform called simply FLO-EV. Qualcomm has been aggressively expanding its FLO broadcast platform with the forthcoming release of FLO-EV – it basically will improve the current air interface behind the mobile television standard by reducing deployment costs by approximately 50 percent. That's compared to what the older Rev A standard currently has in place in the US. On top of that, they state that the EV platform will hopefully attract current network customers by catapulting it for the international markets while offering it as an upgrade option as well. Convergence will play a key role in it as Qualcomm demonstrated FLO-TV built into one of its reference smartbook designs that showcases its ability to enable social networking via a built-in app while viewing a show.

source: PR Newswire via Phone News


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