Push for Pizza – humanity finally invents the “push button, receive pizza” app!

Developer: Simple Food SolutionsDownload: iOS
Genre: Food & DrinkPrice: Free (with in-app pizza purchases)

"We want it all and we want it now!" is how we're conditioned by 21st century life. Since Yo exploded with its one-click simplicity, app developers got the hint and started making easy one-click apps for everything. And while a "tap' n 'go" app for doing your calculus homework might be off the table for a while, there's already an app that lets you push a button and receive a pizza - your college dream alive!

Meet 'Push for Pizza', the iPhone app that prides itself in being the easiest way to order pizza. Think about it - is there an easier way to procure a Quattro Formaggi than pushing the app's "magical pizza button", choosing your favorite restaurant from a list of the nearest establishments, confirming your order and getting it at the door - paid up and tipped. All of this in as little as three taps! Well, you do have to enter your credit card and delivery information beforehand, which is a bit of a drag... but hey, it's pizza!

The magic behind Push for Pizza happens courtesy of Ordr.in and delivery.com's APIs for location and order processing. As our distinguished colleagues at BuzzFeed noted, using the app is "three or four steps short of ordering from the delivery site Seamless." Fair enough!

Push for Pizza is free on iOS, so if you live in the USA, go grab it. Hopefully, other pizza connoisseurs around the world will get their one-click delivery apps soon.


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