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Purported list of features for a Windows Phone “8.1.1” update is fake

Purported list of features for a Windows Phone “8.1.1” update is fake
In what has become a mockery of the world wide web, “I read it on the internet so it must be true,” a long, long list of items “leaked” onto Reddit of all places.

Of course, the person who leaked it claims to be a Microsoft employee, and the list of items shared by this person hits a lot of the “soft-underbelly” spots of the Windows Phone faithful, but it is also those items that colored us more than a little skeptical to begin with, and the gang over at WPCentral has already called the whole thing out as fake.

The list has over 30 items on it which, in itself, is not unusual, but some of the items read more like a wish list than anything, so that should be your first warning. Also, some of the items have little or nothing to do with what would be construed as a Windows Phone operating system update. The original poster notes some of these features as “Windows Phone 8.5,” which we have seen referenced before, but not so much an “8.1.1” update.  We included the list because there are enough of us out there using Windows Phone 8.1 (the real OS) where these bullet points could make for a great conversation.  We have added our two-cents where we felt relevant, but remember, it is, by ours, and other reliable accounts, not real:

  • Interactive live tiles (NOTE: This is something we know the Microsoft Research is working on for the main Windows operating system, and there should be enhanced interactivity between mobile and desktop/tablet environments)
  • Lock screen applications will be built inside core system (NOTE: This actually goes contrary to what Microsoft set forth with WP 8.1, more features through applications so feature updates do not become dependent on OS updates)
  • Features in Action Center
  • Music controls in Action Center
  • More detailed notifications in Action Center
  • Dividing line in Action Center
  • Application Games to be deleted and replaced with Xbox One application dealing with avatar, messages, remote and other features
  • Name to be decided YouTube application to be built completely with html 5 coding as requested by Google (NOTE: Based on the relationship between Google and Microsoft, we’ll just say no to anything that looks like a cooperative effort at this point)
  • Instagram application to have DIRECT MESSAGING and better video uploading capabilities and camera fixes UI for camera to be tweaked with enhanced features from Nokia Camera application (NOTE: This is an app, and as such, may see these updates at Instagram’s/Facebook’s convenience – we will chalk it up to the OS enabling the app to better accomplish these goals)
  • KIK Messenger to be finished in late June, overhauled design and html 5 support Skype with completely new design.
  • Messages in bubbles and chat heads similar to Facebook messenger?
  • Facebook messenger to have improved notifications, polished design and new set of fonts along with video chat, calling and improved emoji store (NOTE: Highly likely given the feature set the app has with Android and iOS)
  • OneNote to have many new features as Word
  • A possible merger Ability to set WordFlow’s guide line to accent invisible
  • Give users choice to have invisible tiles on individual applications
  • New lock screen gestures input and other unique, disclosed password input technique options
  • Calculator upgrades to version 2 with more scientific features
  • Month view drastically changed in design in calendar application
  • Alarm application to feature a stopwatch, timer and splits
  • Cortana to head out of beta (NOTE: While we have no doubts over Microsoft’s technical prowess, some of us believe Cortana will remain in some type of beta, perhaps expanded market-by-market, for at least a year or more)
  • Internet Explorer applications
  • Give uses the choice to delete Podcasts application
  • New voice memo application Backgrounds (Accent Colour 2)
  • Store with wallpapers from featured applications
  • Ability to favorite applications in store to better suggestions
  • Unit converting applications
  • Change colour of keyboard to black, white, gray, accent colour without changing background color
  • Keep word suggestion bar hidden until something is typed
  • Tiles to update as frequently as 30 seconds if feature is turned on by user or developer
  • Music volume controls to be centered
  • OneNote having abilities to use art tools
  • Facebook application from official company
  • Email/Outlook application to follow same design as computer base
  • Photos will have description such as name, place and time

Some of the wording used reminds us of the times when we get an email from a distraught personal assistant in Nigeria, stuck with millions of dollars and not knowing what to do with it. It is indeed an interesting wish-list. Nearly everything on the list is indeed feasible, but it is also so ambitious that any seasoned reader should know it was piled on with a golden shovel.

No matter how you choose to look at this list, just remember, you read it on the internet.

sources: Reddit via WMPoweruser and WPCentral
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