Proof that Windows 8 may run Windows Phone apps

Proof that Windows 8 may run Windows Phone apps
There have been rumors for a while that Windows Phone 8 apps would work all the way up to the Windows 8 desktop environment, but we haven't actually had any confirmation that this functionality would exist. We have known for a while that Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 would share the same kernel, which meant that this functionality was always possible, but now, we have a bit of proof that apps will transcend devices.

Ever since the Windows 8 Preview Release was released last week, code monkeys have been digging through looking for any interesting tidbits that could be gleaned from the code, and one came across a Compatibility Switch line which is checking "IsAppEarlierThanWindowsPhone8". This seems to suggest some sort of compatibility between Windows 8 and WP8 apps, although it could just be common code used on Windows 8 tablets, but not desktops. 

Either way, the answers seem to be coming on June 20th, when Microsoft unveils Windows Phone 8 and what to expect. What do you guys think: would you want to have access to the now 100,000+ apps of the WP Marketplace on your desktop?

source: MyDigitalLife via WMPU

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