More evidence surfaces for Windows Phone 8 running on Windows 8’s NT kernel

More evidence surfaces for Windows Phone 8 running on Windows 8’s NT kernel
Windows Phone’s next big update is truly going to be huge - it will bring the operating system to version 8 and along with that will introduce change to the very core of the mobile platform. More evidence has surfaced cementing the notion that Windows Phone 8 will run on the NT kernel, the same kernel Microsoft uses in Windows 8. This will mean that Windows CE is finally become history after more than 15 years of service.

In layman's terms, a kernel is the main element of an operating system bridging communication between apps and the actual hardware on a device. Windows Phone is built to be kernel-neutral, so the change won't affect existing application.

WPDang dug deep in the registries of the recently released Windows 8 Consumer Preview and found a snipped showing “PhoneNT.” This is a clear reference to Windows Phone 8 using the NT kernel. What’s more, this was reportedly not included in the preview of WIndows 8 released earlier.

The use of NT kernel will mark a departure from the existing Windows CE kernel on current versions of Windows Phone. The NT kernel opens a world of possibilities with wider support for USB Host, expandable external storage (Windows Phone currently does not support microSD cards) and more chips and resolutions. This should also benefit both users and developers as Microsoft will basically need to update one system, rather than many and programmers would be able to reuse much of the code they write for Windows 8 in Windows Phone 8. 

We’ve heard rumors about WP8 adopting NT back in late 2011 and Microsoft has long been cleaning the NT kernel in order for it to be clear and efficient enough for mobile. Former Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft Hal Berenson mentioned back in November:

source: WPDang, CNET via WMPowerUser


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