Professional drop test machine used in new Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6 battle

Professional drop test machine used in new Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. Apple iPhone 6 battle
Just the other day, we showed you a drop test on video featuring the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6. In that battle, the phones were dropped by a person who let them go from various heights. Today, a new video surfaced of another drop test featuring the two flagship models. The big difference is that the test employed a professional drop machine used by manufacturers to test the sturdiness of their devices. Thanks to the use of this machine, the drops would be the same for both models.

Right off the bat, the back glass on the Samsung Galaxy S6 cracked after a back drop test that sent the device falling 3.3 feet onto tile. Not having back glass, the Apple iPhone 6 held up well during its back test, save for some minor scratches on the back. The front drop test for both phones did major damage. The glass on top of the Galaxy S6 display shattered, leaving it a threat to cut your finger if used. Part of the display was blacked out by the fall. The iPhone 6 suffered some major damage to the glass on the screen with the same fall, even though the display was still working.

After switching the surface below the phones from tile to concrete, the back drop on the Samsung Galaxy S6 knocked the phone out completely and it could not be revived. When the iPhone 6 hit the concrete, it looked like glass had popped out of the display for a quick second. Instead, it was the SIM card tray that was knocked out by the impact, but easily replaced. The side test did knock some glass out of the iPhone 6, and the phone suffered more damage after the front drop onto concrete. Yet, after all of the drops and falls, the iPhone 6 was still working.

If we had to name a winner of this battle, it would be the Apple iPhone 6 considering that the phone was still usable after the beating it took. If anything though, it was a pyrrhic victory for Apple's pride and joy.

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source: PhoneBuff

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