Privacy issues lead 72% in U.S. to reject Google Glass

Privacy issues lead 72% in U.S. to reject Google Glass
A survey of Americans conducted by research firm Toluna, suggests that 72% of them will not purchase Google Glass. Worries about privacy and safety are the main reasons why the connected specs might have a more limited appeal than initially thought. Two in five consumers are worried about their personal data ending up in the hands of the bad guys. Others worry about being on the other side of Glass, and having their every move secretly recorded and posted online for the world to see.

Another concern has to do with safety. Potential Glass wearers are afraid of being distracted by the data and images on the device, and walking into a moving car, falling into a manhole or worse. And one out of three say that they are afraid of being mugged if they don the wearable device.

Capturing 28% of Americans would still result in a pretty big sales number, but don't kid yourself. If this survey reflects real life intentions in the U.S., Google still has quite a few obstacles to overcome to sell these things. For those who envisioned a world where everyone, including new born infants, would be wearing Google Glass, you might want to put that image away.

The survey doesn't say that Google Glass won't eventually blossom and become a hit. But what it does say is that after letting smartphones, tablets and smartwatches into their lives, Americans are being more cautious when it comes to connected specs.

source: TolunaGroup, AdWeek, via CNET

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