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President Obama and the White House to stick with BlackBerry

President Obama to stick with his BlackBerry handset
President Barack Obama has been a BlackBerry user throughout his entire Presidential career. But that appeared to be coming to an end with a report on Thursday that said the White House is in the process of testing Android powered handsets from LG and Samsung. According to the report in the Wall Street Journal, the government was still months away from replacing the BlackBerry handsets used by the White House staff with Android flavored smartphones.

But as we pointed out, there was nothing in the original story that said that the president was part of the testing, and that Mr. Obama would be forced to replace his trusty BlackBerry for an Android powered phone. The president's absence from any testing was confirmed by a Washington Post story over the weekend, which cited a White House spokesman as saying that the office of the president was not involved in any testing of non-BlackBerry phones. That should make BlackBerry CEO John Chen smile. The president is a very high profile BlackBerry user and if he were to switch to another smartphone platform, it could reflect poorly on the company.

While the president might not be leaving BlackBerry, a number of government agencies are allowing employees to use Apple iPhone and Android handsets, and last year the Pentagon approved Apple and Samsung built smartphones for use by employees.

source: WashingtonPost
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