Obama sticks to his BlackBerry

Obama sticks to his BlackBerry
In the beginning, we all thought that the newly elected President of the United States will have to forget about his BlackBerry, due to security measures. Relax, it’s not that your information isn’t safe and sound with the ‘Berry that you’ve bought just yesterday, it’s just that the standards for the President’s phone are higher.

A few days ago, Mr. Obama was about to lose his beloved gadget by accidentally letting it fall on a hard airport tarmac. However, it was not meant to be, as it has become clear that his phone is alive and well. Yesterday however, the President has been snapped as he was walking along the West Wing Colonnade towards the Oval Office. On the picture, he is looking at a device in his hands, but it’s obvious that this isn’t the Sectera Edge by General Dynamics, which was one of the approved alternatives for him. It’s more like a BlackBerry… A BlackBerry 8830 maybe?

source: PHYSORG via Engadget

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