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Pre to get priced sliced to $150?

Pre to get priced sliced to $150?
With the Android powered HTC Hero heading for an October release at Sprint with a $179.99 price point with a 2 year contract, the suits at Sprint seemingly felt that the Palm Pre needed to come down below that price. According to a tipster who works at an indirect partner retail dealer of the carrier (like Best Buy Mobile, for example) came in from the cold to tell Engadget Mobile that a price sheet dated today (9/8) through 10/31/09
states that starting Tuesday, the Pre will be going for $149.99 with a 2 year deal and a mail-in-rebate at "indirect retailers. You will still need to sign up for an Everything Data plan or a Simply Everything plan. Among other phones, a Palm Centro will now go for $29.99, and a Treo Pro for $199.99. Off-contract prices will remain the same. Will a $50 price cut inspire you to buy a Pre?

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source: via EngadgetMobile

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