Possible Pixel 2/Pixel XL 2 camera sample found deep into Google's own teaser page


You've got to give it to Android fans - they get quite resourceful when a new Google flagship phone is about to be unveiled in a few weeks' time or so. And with the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 coming October 4, it was only natural for Android enthusiasts to dig around the source code of the official Pixel 2 teaser page

Users have unraveled a picture of two cookies plastered over a colorful wrapping which looks like it could have been taken by the Pixel 2 / Pixel XL 2 or, on the contrary, a random image that Google has planted inside for diversion purposes. Here's the link to the image we're talking about. There are no other images 

Checking the EXIF of the image reveals that it has been taken by a Google device, but the model in particular has been wittily edited to "Not that easy ;)", which could easily be assumed as heavy hinting that it's taken with any of the upcoming Pixels.

What's more, the picture's EXIF also reveals geotag coordinates that lead to... Yes, you guessed, Google's own HQ in Mountain View. Funny!

Of course, there are other things that Google can be implying with that image instead of trying to showcase the Pixel 2/XL 2's photography prowess, because let's be real - this image is not that great. For example, it could be hinting at black and white color versions for the phones, or even suggesting that the next Pixels could score a native dark theme alongside the default one. As we know more, so would you, but for now, we'd go with a Pixel 2/XL 2 camera sample!

source: Google via Reddit

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