Poll results: turns out a hole-in-the-display is not that bad...

Poll results: turns out a hole-in-the-display is not that bad...
Yesterday, Samsung launched the Galaxy A8s in China. A phone, which very likely gives us hints of what's to come with the next flagship — the Galaxy S10. And what's that? Well, the lack of a headphone jack is one thing... and a hole in the display is another. See, Samsung is not going the "notch way". Instead, it'll house the selfie camera in an isolated circular cutout at the top of the screen, with all other phone sensors hidden beneath it.

Technological achievement? Sure! A bit weird to look at? Well... possibly.

We stared at the few hands-on photos we have access to and it's definitely something different. We thought we'd ask you whether you like it or hate it. Turns out, almost half of the voters feel like they could get used to it, and about a third of all users say they actually liked it! The sentiment is mirrored across our social media posts — while it's got its fair share of opponents, the Infinity-O is getting a warm reception for now.

So, how do you find that Infinity-O display?

Nope, nope, nope... I'd rather have two Pixel 3 XL notches on my screen!
It's... different... I can get used to that, I guess
Oh, I like that!

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