Poll results: Will #bendgate impact your decision to get the iPhone 6 Plus?

Poll results: Will #bendgate impact your decision to get the iPhone 6 Plus?
If you haven't heard yet, a word of advice: don't put your iPhone 6 Plus in your back pocket. It might bend if you apply too much pressure.

Indeed, a pressure test of the first Apple phablet went viral shortly after it was released -- it turns out that the device, likely because of its internal geometry, isn't very sturdy at all and can be bent if enough pressure is exerted. From what we know so far, the area around the volume rocker is the most susceptible, though various theories have surfaced on the web as to why all of this happens. Perhaps the important part for you to remember is that Apple might exchange your bent iPhone 6 Plus if it passes a visual inspection by one of its Genius employees at their stores. 

And yet, while the above is somewhat comforting, the question remains: Does this apparent structural flaw concern you? Judging from the answers you gave on that very same topic in our latest poll, the answer is a resounding "Yes". That's right, over 80% of you expressed concern, while the remaining fifth of you don't necessarily agree and do not feel like this is a major issue that should stand in your way if considering the iPhone 6 Plus. 

Anybody surprised?

Will #Bendgate be a factor for you in choosing the iPhone 6 Plus?

Yes, it has me worried
No, I don't think it will be that much of an issue

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