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Poll results: What will you be in the market for in 2014, budget or flagship?

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Poll results: What will you be in the market for in 2014, budget or flagship?
On Monday, we asked whether you'll be looking to obtain a high-end, flagship smartphone in 2014, or whether you're simply looking to strike a balance with a budget-friendly device. Well, as it turns out, some 60.43% of you are the geeks we expect you to be, and will be looking to grab a Galaxy S5, a new HTC M8, or perhaps an iPhone 6. The rest (39.57%) seem more intent on taking a more practical approach, and will be in the market for a budget solution. No surprise here -- phones like the Motorola Moto G have sure proved that an affordable device need not represent a chain of compromises. It's that good.

What surprised us, however, is just how even the two brackets are. Sure, 20% may seem like a big difference, but you do have to factor in the obvious fact that our user base is likely not very representative of the typical smartphone buyer out there -- it's more dedicated, and generally just more nerdy. You and us both care about tech on a slightly personal level. The next flagship, to us, is a gadget and a tool. But that's not necessarily how a big portion of the world feels. If anything, we have a feeling that this trend will continue along the same path until the results of such polls are utterly reversed. After all, it is quite likely that by the end of 2014, an affordable device will equal a flagship's capabilities of just a year or two past. It won't be long until smartphones really do become a tool and nothing more in the eyes' of the majority of consumers, and a gadget for a small, elite minority of hobbyists and professionals. What do you think?

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