Poll results: Many are happy with the iPhone SE but a large number feel like the 6 / 6 Plus might've been a better choice


Many were critical of Apple when the company released the iPhone SE – an essential iPhone 5s double, but with a processor as powerful as the one in the iPhone 6s, and the new 12 MP camera, which brought iPhones back in the match versus the best smartphone snappers out there. On the other hand, it's easy to see why Apple chose to not change anything about the design of the SE – the company wanted to entice customers loyal to the old form factor to upgrade.

Yesterday, we asked iPhone SE owners how they feel about the powerful but small Apple handset. Now that a few months have passed and any honeymooning with the phone is over, one can have a clearer view on the product. Is the small display a hindrance? Is iOS getting on your nerves? Or is everything perfect? Here's how readers voted on the poll!

iPhone SE owners, are you happy you made that purchase?

I am happy with it!
I should have bought a 6s / 6s Plus!
I should've stuck to my old iPhone 5s / 5
I should've stuck to... [let us know in the comments]

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