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Poll results: HTC One M8 Duo Camera - useful innovation or a gimmick?

The unique Duo Camera on the HTC One M8 utilizes two camera sensor/lens sets, in order to capture a more complete depth of field information about a scene, and use it for various post-shot effects. We already made a thorough camera comparison with the HTC One M8, and demonstrated all the new modes and effects that the Duo Camera makes possible.

Furthermore, we asked you last week whether you consider the new Duo Camera set on the HTC One M8 an innovation for the sake of it, or something truly practical, whose virtues you would be using on a regular basis. It turns out that more than half of the 2241 respondents (56%) would prefer that HTC went with a larger camera resolution, or kept the OIS technology from the One, instead of inventing the Duo Camera module. The rest of you either considered the shooter a unique and worthy proposition that will set the One M8 apart (21%), or said they would use the effects every now and then, and appreciate the 0.3s autofocus time that the Duo Camera brings (22.71%). This goes to show that HTC's new camera isn't likely to take the smartphone world by storm, yet a lot of users consider it an interesting feat to have on their handset.

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