Poll results: 40% of voters hate the idea of a curved Galaxy Note 7

For the past few weeks, rumors and leaks have persistently suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will only come in an “edge” version – with a dual-curved screen – with no flat option in sight. Samsung has sold it's top-tier smartphones in pairs for the past 20 months, starting with the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge, offering an orthodox “flat screen” handset and an “edgy”, but certainly more expensive, curved-display variant. Could it really be taking the risk of not offering a “mundane” Note 7 and only going for an Edge model?

We asked you how this would affect how you feel about the Note 7. 25% of voters said they don't care, since they always go for the Edge models anyway — fair enough. 35% wouldn't mind, as long as the Note 7 costs the same as the Note 5 did at launch — we can imagine how many might be infuriated if Samsung forces a more expensive Edge screen down the throats of fans that don't happen to care much about it. And nearly 40% would absolutely not want a curved display on their next Note. Well, fingers crossed, we guess?

Would the lack of a "regular" Note 7 bother you?

I always go for the "edge" models, so I don't care
If it's priced the same as the Note 5 at release, it wouldn't bother me
Yes, it would! I don't want a curved screen on my Note 7!

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