Poll results: 2014 'mini' flagship versions roundup - which one would you get? - PhoneArena

Poll results: 2014 'mini' flagship versions roundup - which one would you get?

Poll results: 2014 'mini' flagship versions roundup - which one would you get?
Samsung arguably started all the "mini" craze with the S III mini, prompting all other major manufacturers to feel obliged in outing a "mini" variation of their flagships. The trouble is that, with only a few exceptions, these "minis" come with a price that is not worth a second look, if it wasn't for the naming scheme, and the visual resemblance to their respective flagship sidekicks in the store.

To illustrate that point, we rounded up all the current 2014-crop minis last week, and asked you last week which one would you pick, if you had to choose. Needless to say, more than half of our 2092 of our respondents picked the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact as the best "mini" version to get right now, as the phone indeed offers a no-compromise approach to shrinking the Z1 flagship - it sports almost the same specs, but in a body fit for a 4.3" display, which is much more manageable in your hand than the flagship, which should be the whole point with the "mini" craze. Despite that the Galaxy S5 mini specs are nowhere near the flagship S5, it still scored a distant second in our poll, proving that the flagship naming scheme of Samsung is working. There's an important caveat here, however, as the second place actually went for the yet-announced G3 or Z2 mini handsets, so the scales might tip in their favor for the second place in the end. 

The HTC One mini 2 also scored well, since it has the premium design and BoomSound set of its larger sibling, but sports a 13 MP camera, and a much lower price, all in a fairly compact chassis. We weren't surprised to see the fairly unknown upscale Nubia brand of ZTE score well in our poll with the Z5s mini, which is arguably the second best value-for-money ratio in the lot, apart from the Z1 Compact. All in all, it seems that if a "mini" version is done right, there will be plenty of potential customers for it, while just slapping the word "mini" after the flagship title, but skimping on specs, might get you punished in the marketplace.

2014 'mini' flagship versions roundup: which one would you get?

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
HTC One mini 2
LG G2 mini
Huawei Ascend P7 mini
Oppo Find 7 mini
ZTE Nubia Z5s mini
I'll wait on the eventual G3 mini and Z2 mini, and then make up my mind
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