Poll: do you think 4 GB of RAM on the Galaxy Note 7 is good enough?

Poll: do you think 4 GB of RAM on the Galaxy Note 7 is good enough?
Samsung's Galaxy Note series has always been the poweruser's smartphone – while the S line is heavily marketed as the company's flagship, any smartphone poweruser drools over the Note for its larger screen, bump in hardware, and the lovely S Pen stylus. Looking at the past 3 years – every time a new Note device was introduced, it came with a slightly more powerful processor, and an increase in RAM, when compared to the Galaxy S device from the same year.

So, it seemed reasonable to believe that there's some plausibility to the rumors that the 2016 Galaxy Note 7 would come with 6 GB of RAM. After all, OnePlus did it with the OnePlus 3, and the Galaxy S7 already has 4 GB of RAM — going by Samsung's pattern from previous years, many speculated that the Galaxy Note 7 would come with a huge memory chip.

Recent leaks, however, suggest that this rumor was all a pipe dream, as photos of the phone's settings menu confirmed that it would have 4 GB of RAM.

Should this be a disappointment? Many will argue that Android isn't amazing at dealing with more than 3 GB of RAM at the moment. Others will say that keeping so much RAM in use will take a heavy toll on the battery. But another group argues that the Note series is supposed to be the symbol of hardware power that Samsung is capable of sticking inside a phone, and, since OnePlus 3 already did get a 6 GB RAM chip, it will look like Samsung is “holding back” with the Note 7. What's your stance?

Do you think 4 GB of RAM on the Galaxy Note 7 is good enough?

Yes, 4 GB of RAM is absolutely enough for any 2016 smartphone
No, I would've preferred to have 6 GB for future-proofing
I'm not too thrilled about it, but I believe the Note 7 will be fine with 4 GB of RAM

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