Pokemon Masters is now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Pokemon Masters is now open for pre-registration on Android and iOS
Pokemon Masters, the “other” Pokemon game developed by DeNA and the Pokemon Company, hasn't been released yet, but everyone can now pre-register on both Android and iOS devices through Google Play and App Store.

The game pits players against each other in 3vs3 battles held on Pasio called the Pokemon Masters League. Each player must form a team with three Trainers and their Pokemon to target their opponents' weaknesses and try and deal as much damage as possible.

Pokemon Masters includes a co-op mode so that you can play with friends all around the world. However, in co-op mode, three players will team up to try and overcome the challenges.

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According to developers, the game will work on just about any Android device that packs at least 2GB RAM and runs Android 7.0 or higher. Unfortunately, DeNA does no guarantee functionality on all devices mentioned, as there may be cases where the game won't function properly due to the device's specs, capabilities, or particular conditions for using apps.

As far as availability goes, the Pokemon Company announced the game will be available at some point this summer, although a preview version of Pokemon Masters is already up and running in Singapore for Android users. Interesting enough, those who play the preview version of the game will have their progress saved and carried over to the full game when it launches.

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