Pokemon Home will no longer work on these Android and iPhone models

Pokemon Home will no longer work on these Android and iPhone models
Truly dedicated Pokemon hunters can't live without Pokemon Home, the free mobile app that offers users cloud storage for their Pokemon. But it's not just the storage feature that many Pokemon fans are looking for when using Pokemon Home. The cloud-based storage service also allows users to transfer Pokemon from different games, including Pokemon GO.

Anyway, it looks like the mobile app will no longer work on older Android and iPhone models, according to Pokemon database Serebii. Starting in June, the Pokemon Home app will end compatibility with all devices powered by Android 5, as well as iPhones still running iOS 9, iOS 10, and iOS 11.

On top of that, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 will be put on the list of unsupported Pokemon Home devices. An exact release date for the update hasn't been revealed yet, but we know it's coming in June and it might introduce some new features too.

Until then, make sure to switch to a newer device if you want to continue to use Pokemon Home. The upcoming changes aren't unusual at all, as developers are trying to improve their apps with new features that might not support devices with lower hardware configurations or outdated software.

Even Pokemon GO announced back in September that it will no longer support the same devices mentioned above, so today's news doesn't really come as a surprise.


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