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Pixel 4's most useful new feature is coming to older Pixel models

Pixel 4's most useful new feature is coming to older Pixel models
One of the Google Pixel 4 series most exciting and useful tools is coming to older Pixel models. According to a post from someone with the handle PixelCommunity on Reddit (designated as an "Official Google Account"), a future software update will bring the Recorder app to older Pixel phones. Sure, the app records audio and stores it but the special sauce is real-time transcription. Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal tested the feature against a courtroom stenographer, the world's fastest talking woman, and four people with strong accents; the real-time transcription feature performed very well.

While it isn't clear exactly which Pixel models will get Recorder, it is AI-based and runs completely on-device. One Redditor who sideloaded the app on his Pixel 2 says that the feature runs smoothly on his phone. For Pixel fans who have been taking abuse annually since 2016 for their decision to purchase their phone, this is a perfect example of why they bought it. Google showcases its technology on the line, and while Pixel handsets might not have the most cutting edge designs, they are all about the software; Pixel owners tend to favor the Google ecosystem and they get first crack at Android updates.

The transcription feature is bound to be used during school lectures and business meetings as a way to take notes effortlessly. All Pixel models do have the Call Screen feature that uses Google Assistant to answer calls from unknown numbers. A real-time transcription of the conversation between the virtual helper and the caller is displayed on the screen allowing the phone owner to participate in the call at any time.

Google also plans on bringing the Astrophotography feature found on the Pixel 4 to the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3a lines. Using the Night Sight feature that allows Pixel users to snap viewable photos in dark and low-light environments, a series of photos of the sky are taken that can add up to as long as four minutes worth of exposures. Using AI, each exposure is aligned to produce incredible photos of the night sky including the stars.

Pixel owners are due to receive the November Android security update this coming Monday.
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