The new Pixel 4 camera features reach for the stars in a leaked promo video

The new Pixel 4 camera features reach for the stars in a leaked promo video
There is one TV series you can't quote when it comes to Google's upcoming Pixel 4 mobile photography juggernaut, and it's "Curb your enthusiasm." An official promo video for the phone just leaked on ProAndroid, direct from Google, and in it the gang from Mountain View tips all the new Pixel 4 features we already know to happen.

Yes, the radar-based Motion Sense navigation gestures are in there, but, needless to say, we are most interested in the camera prowess of the Pixel 4. We heard that it will sport a 5x telephoto and combined 8x hybrid zoom, and in the video Google indeed makes a zoom animation and tips that the phone can "even get the stars" when it waxes poetic about the improved Night Sight mode. 

It all jibes with what we've heard so far about the Pixel 4's new camera abilities - much faster Night Sight for those low-light shots, and an extra telephoto zoom camera on the back for getting closer to the action. 

Granted, many phone makers offer those already, but none has the computational photography algorithms that Google can derive from its giant imaging database, so color us excited already. What about you?

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