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Pivothead Durango Video Recording Eyewear hands-on

Pivothead Durango Video Recording Eyewear hands-on
Packing on some great camera internals, smartphones nowadays have seemingly replaced the traditional point and shooters from yesterday. From scenery shots to capturing quality time with the family, there’s nothing that our friendly smartphones can’t do to capture the moment. However, if you’re more into extreme sports, but don’t feel compelled to use your smartphone while trying to record something, like your trek down a steep hill on your skateboard, you seriously need to think about checking out the Pivothead’s Video Recording Eyewear.

Combining the distinct styling of some sporty-type sunglasses with the usefulness of a compact camera sensor, it seems as though it’ll be the perfect thing to use for the occasion – especially considering it’s far more discrete looking than some of the sport cameras, such as the various GoPro cameras out there. Armed with an 8-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor, which features 1080p video recording and a host of various shooting modes, there’s no arguing the kind fun that you’ll be able to get out of them.

Thanks to the first person perspective you’re going to get out of the Pivothead Video Recording Eyewear, you’ll literally feel as if you’re the one in the hot seat as you relive the moments watching the recording. Well, if you’re tinkering the idea about checking out these puppies, just be aware that they carry a premium price of $349.99, which is available in an eclectic mix of styles and lens. Furthermore, there’s an optional $99 Air Pivothead Wifi Drive that attaches to the Pivothead glasses so you can download content from the glass directly to your device – whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

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