Pick a case for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra; one has a 4000mAh cell, the other works with your lens cam

Pick a case for your Sony Xperia Z Ultra; one has a 4000mAh cell, the other works with your lens cam
The largest screened smartphone currently available, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra, is a beast. But even beasts need protection from butterfingers and concrete. A pair of new cases are now available for the device, one with a 4000mAh battery embedded inside that more than doubles your battery life, and the other with a way to quickly affix the Sony QX10 or QX100 lens cameras to your phablet.

Sony has announced a hard case that protects your Xperia Z Ultra while also making it easier to attach one of the lens cameras to the phone's body. All you need to do is snap the case securely onto the Xperia Z Ultra, and attach the lens to the case. Not only you have perfectly placed the QX10 or QX100 to your handset, you've also protected the phone from dust and scratches. Priced at $30, the case is available for now in Hong Kong only, but should eventually roll out to wherever the humungous handset is available. It is a larger sized version of a similar case that is available for the Sony Xperia Z.

Meanwhile, Mugen Power has a case that offers more battery life to Sony Xperia Z Ultra users. Sure, the gigantic handset does feature a 3050mAh cell. But much of that power will be expended just keeping that gigantic screen comfortably lit. That is where Mugen's battery case comes into play as it includes an embedded 4000mAh battery. A button on the bottom allows you to turn the extra power off when you don't need it. But when you do need it, the built in cell offers enough power to recharge the battery that comes with the phablet

The case includes a kickstand and a stylus and is priced at $98.50 directly from Mugen's website.

source: Mugen via AndroidAuthority

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