Smartphone sales expected to record worst decline in 2019, but will rebound in 2020, report says

Phones shipments face their worst decline ever, Gartner says
The end is nigh! For phone sales growth that is. Sales of phones (mostly smartphones these days) have hit a plateau in the past couple of years and research agency Gartner now estimates that in 2019 the global phone market will shrink by a sizable 68 million units, or 3.8% if you compare to phone sales last year.

Gartner goes on to paint a long-term picture of its expectations for the phone market all the way until 2021, and interestingly, it only predicts a sharp drop in sales this year, with a rebound following in 2020 and the market staying almost flat (with a slight decline) in 2021.

See the predicted numbers below:

Interestingly, the numbers show that the phone market has already lost quite a bit of its weight from its peak days:

Basically, Gartner is saying that smartphone sales will decline by 2.5% in 2019, the worst for the category since its inception. The company also forecasts that people will cling on to their high-end phones longer: the average life span of a high-end phone will increase from 2.6 years to nearly 2.9 years through 2023.

Of course, all such long-term reports should be taken with a big grain of salt: it's impossible to predict an incredibly dynamic, fast-paced market like the phone market for years to come. And research firms have often made predictions that have been not just wrong, they have been incredibly short-sighted: for example, IDC once predicted that Windows Phones will command a 20% market share in 2020 and we all know how this prediction played out.

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