Philips Hue app coming to the Apple Watch

Apple iPhone and Apple iPad users can control the lighting in their house with the Philips Hue app. The app actually lets you control every Philips Hue product in your home. Control what time your lights go on and off and you can even arrange to have the lights create certain effects depending on your current location. By setting the app to turn on the lights when you're returning from work, you won't have to walk in to a completely dark home.

You can also have the lights go on and off at the right time to make it appear that someone is home when you are vacation. The user can control one bulb, or all of them using the app. Change the intensity of the light or the color. And any combination of brightness and color that you like can be saved as a scene. Each scene is just one tap away from being recreated at will. The power is in your hand and will soon be on your wrist.

A tweet from the Philips Hue Dev team reveals that the Philips Hue app is indeed coming to the Apple Watch. This will allow users to control the lighting in their home directly from their wrist. One drawback is the smaller size of the screen on the Apple Watch, which will probably require plenty of swiping to get to controls and features that pop up quicker on the larger screens of the iPhone and iPod.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch begin on April 10th. The smartwatch starts at $349 for the Apple Watch Sport and exceeds $10,000 for the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition. Apple is expected to have a large number of apps available for the launch of the device on April 24th.

source: RedmondPie



1. bur60

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Gibe mony plos!! HuE HuE HuE BR BR!!!

3. AlikR

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Another article that is full of BS... My Hue is controlled by my Note 4 and Galaxy Tab S 10.5. There are plenty of apps in the Play Store to do it, including automation.... So, saying that it's only for Apple users is flat out lie...

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