Personalized hand-engraving adds some elegance to an older iPhone

Personalized hand-engraving adds some elegance to an older iPhone

Whether or not you like the new look of the latest iPhone model, owners of either the iPhone 3G or 3GS could spruce things up with a nice looking personalized hand-engraved design. Apparently one iPhone owner was able to transform their aging handset to a work of beauty that radiates a personalized touch. Sensing that the bezel found on the iPhone would make for some interesting designs, the owner decided to get down and dirty with their engraving tools to elegantly design a pattern that showcases the meticulous craft. After a long 8 hours being spent on getting the hand-engraved design on the handset, it finally was complete with only the bottom portion of the bezel decorated. Part of the reason why it took so long was due to the extremely tough metal – which apparently dulled tools very quickly and required constant re-sharpening.

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source: Knives and Engravings


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