Pegatron or Quanta to be Apple's second supplier for the next iPad

Pegatron or Quanta to be Apple's second supplier for the next iPad
Besides Foxconn, which already has its hands full with Apple's next iPhone, and complains about its manufacturing, Pegatron or Quanta will be entering the game to help with both the next iPhone and the next iPad, it seems. Foxconn's factory in Chengdu had a fire accident in May, and that might have tipped the scale for Apple to look for a backup supplier, just in case, since the alleged September announcement is nearing.

Pegatron stands a greater chance, since it has allegedly already received the first batch of orders for the new iPhone, and now it might be giving a helping hand with the third iPad assembly.

The next iPad, which might end up called iPad 2 HD, or iPad 2 Plus, will supposedly feature a high-resolution display, double the existing one, and might be targeted more to the graphics-obsessed crowd, complete with special editions of graphics or video software for it. Someone was swearing that the next iPad will be 3D as well not long ago, but that's pretty far-fetched of a rumor for now, although it does tie-up with the target market of graphics/video buffs. Well, hopefully the guys at Pegatron are as leaky as the ones in Foxconn, when it comes to prematurely outing gadget designs to the world.

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4. cheetah2k

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I'm surprised that Pegatron got the contract seeing as they are Asus's contractor buiding laptops and (ironically) the Asus Transformer - which they have been unable to produce in large quantities for quite some time. Apple needs quantity (and generally not quality) in order to maintain their business case and profit, and based on Asus's issues, I can't see Pegatron delivering. So, maybe this first batch is a small one, just to see the thru-put and productivity before signing off on a big contract. Asus also better watch themselves. I'm sure their production will be impacted upon just to make the earth move for Apple

2. gallitoking

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Pegatron??? sounds like Megatron younger brother... sorry I am into the Transformers hype. jejejeje

1. ruyen unregistered

Can't do it in America of course... that would cut into profits too much. F*cking outsourcing has screwed this country out of jobs sooo bad.

3. Jimmy R unregistered

Sad but true it's the American way.

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