iPad 2 Plus suggested to slide down the pipe, with updated screen resolution indeed

iPad 2 Plus suggested to slide down the pipe, with updated screen resolution indeed
By now only one yet-undiscovered tribe in the Amazon delta hasn't heard about the next iPad, which is rumored to sport a higher-resolution display, compared to the iPad 2.

What we haven't heard yet is what was usually referred to as the iPad 3 to be called the iPad 2 Plus, but live long enough, and you can hear anything - this one is coming from Craig Berger, an analyst with FBR Capital Markets.

He is usually covering the chipset industry, but his components supply sources have tipped him on some screen peculiarities that fit right into the next iPad rumor mill. The claim is that Apple is looking for 250-300ppi density, which we have heard before from Taiwanese suppliers.

When we plug double the resolution of the current iPad 2 into a ppi calculator it returns 264ppi, so right in the ballpark estimates. Moreover, 2048x 1536 pixels will make developers' lives easier, since they will just have to double things for their apps to fit in the denser screen real estate, which the iOS SDK allows to be done automatically via a simple tag. Not to mention that the iOS 5 beta was revealed to contain double-resolution iPad images.

Who will make the new screens for this upcoming iPad 2 Plus, though? Both LG and Samsung demonstrated high-res tablet displays recently, but LG botched some iPad 2 displays, and Samsung... well, we all follow lawsuits like they are the Super Bowl. We've heard Apple probing Sharp for its  high-res poly-silicon LCD displays on the iPhones to come, but there's no point in speculating, we'll know soon enough, if the September announcement rumor holds water.

source: IBT via SlashGear
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