Apple iPad 3 "dead cert" to be 3D enabled

Apple iPad 3 "dead cert" to be enabled for 3D video
A movie industry insider told RCR that it is a "dead cert" that the next build of the Apple iPad will be enabled for 3D video. According to the rumor, studios are already preparing 3D content for the tablet and allegedly, multiple sources within Foxconn are confirming the story of early production plans.

While capturing 3D content with the tablet is simple and already implemented in rival T-Mobile G-Slate (Optimus Pad), playback might be a problem. Small screen phones like LG Thrill 4G (Optimus 3D) and HTC EVO 3D can produce glasses free 3D, but it is way more expensive to do so on the big displays used in Tablets. This is the reason the G-Slate requires glasses for 3D watching. However, this may be something that Apple may not implement, as it is not really a minimalistic solution.

What do you guys think: will the next gen iPad be 3D-enabled or not?

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