Pebble Time Steel unveiled on Kickstarter and ready to take on Apple Watch


Just a few days after it unveiled its brand new Pebble Time smartwatch and introduced us to its new Timeline interface for the timepiece, Pebble Technology is now taking the cover off the Pebble Time Steel: a metal watch with exquisite styling, but otherwise practically identical to the original Pebble Time.

The Pebble Time Steel arrives as an addition to the Pebble Time campaign, and you can get it after you pledge $250 (the final retail version will sell for $300, so you're getting a good deal for ordering early via Kickstarter).

The big story for the Pebble Time Steel is its carefully crafted metal body and with just a few days until Apple is expected to tell us about its new watch (it has scheduled a March 9th press event), we are seeing a gold-color version of Pebble's watch and even the PR materials have photographed the Time Steel in a similar red band. It's clear that Pebble sees itself as a competitor to the Apple Watch, and not so much to Android Wear timepieces that, quite frankly, have failed to get users attention.

The Pebble Time Steel is expected to ship in July, and the little changes to it compared to the Pebble Time are as follows: the Steel is 1mm thicker, but has twice as much battery capacity; it has a laminated display; and the buttons have a nice textured grip.

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