Pawsitively engaging: Apple Watch measures a dog's pulse in Om-noms per second

Pawsitively engaging: Apple Watch measures a dog's pulse in Om-noms per second
Have you ever wondered what goes on in your furry friend's heart when they see you, a tantalizing piece of meat, or even a mischievous cat? If you have, rest assured you're not alone! In fact, an Instagram user has taken the quest to answer at least one of those questions.

These days, we're accustomed to checking heart rates, tracking steps, and monitoring our sleep patterns. With the advent of watchOS 10, we can even measure our average speed while cycling. But it seems like some folks aren't content with just gathering data about themselves—they want to know all about their beloved non-human companions too!

Did you know that the average heart rate of a dog falls between 30 and 160 beats per minute? It's a range that varies depending on their size, with smaller pups tending to have faster heart rates than their larger counterparts. Picture this: strap your smartwatch onto your dog after a lively workout session or a bout of tail-chasing, and you're likely to see their heart rate shoot up like a rocket.

But here's the funny thing—apparently, the same happens when a dog sees food, and honestly, it's not just dogs. Humans can relate too! Personally, whenever I catch a glimpse of a big, cheesy pizza right in front of me, my heart rate goes through the roof.

Those adorable bundles of fur and love are no exception to heart rate excitement. So, why not take a lighthearted detour and find out how their heart rates fluctuate when you offer them some delicious treats? Many smartwatches come equipped with heart rate sensors, ready to measure the beats per minute, provided, of course, your dog can sit still long enough for the whole process to take place.

Sure, getting your four-legged companion their very own Apple Watch or the upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 might be a tad extravagant. But if you're looking for some amusement, you could always experiment at home using your smartwatch. Alternatively, if you've decided to get yourself a new smartwatch (which seems like the more sensible choice), you could repurpose your old one into a stylish dog collar and keep track of your furry friend's activities too.

Tracking your dog's steps is one thing, but for me, the real game-changer lies in using an Apple Watch, for instance, as a GPS tracker. This way, you can take peaceful strolls with your dog off the leash while knowing exactly where they are. Sure, you could buy a standalone GPS tracker solely for this purpose, but where's the fun in that? The joy of discovering more about your dog's activities is part of the experience.

Now imagine how great or maybe weird it would be to have a smartphone equipped with a live camera mode attached to your dog. The moments of pure, unadulterated doggy fun would be an absolute blast to watch and cherish. After all our furry friends can join in on the fun while we uncover their secrets one heartbeat at a time.

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