Pandora rolls out interactive voice ads to select users

Pandora rolls out interactive voice ads to select users
Pandora revealed last year plans to introduce interactive voice ads and even began alpha testing the feature in December. A few days ago, the company announced that it launched interactive voice ads into wider public testing.

After several months, Pandora gathered enough data that seemingly confirms voice ads are a good user experience. According to the company, 72% of listeners think that voice ads were easy to engage with, 27% claim they love the ability to use their voice to interact with ads, while 20% more like having the option.

The new feature enables Pandora users to interact with ads using their voice to receive useful information. Pandora teamed up with companies like Ashely HomeStore, Comcast, Doritos, Nestle, Turner Broadcasting, Unilever, and Wendy's.

Every time an interactive ad runs on Pandora, it will ask listeners various questions and if they answer “yes”, they will be provided with additional information. Other interactive ads offer useful tips such as how to get a better night's sleep and so on.

Even if we'd prefer not to have ads while consuming media content, it's better to have ads that let you interact with them. It's one way to learn more about the products that you're hearing while listening to your favorite music on Pandora.

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