Pandigital Nova $170 Gingerbread tablet up for grabs at BestBuy

Pandigital Nova $170 Gingerbread tablet up for grabs at BestBuy
The $170 no-contract price at BestBuy gets you a lot of Android tablet these days, at least in the case of the Pandigital Nova, which seems to be the cheapo Android tablet du jour recently.

Actually BestBuy calls it Pandigital Nova Digital Reader, hinting at the lack of Android Market support - you have to load apps from SlideME, or as .APK files.

An 8" "ActiveTouch" display (whatever that is), Android 2.3 Gingerbread, HDMI-out port, and 4Gb of internal memory with microSD slot for expansion are nothing to scoff at for this price. You also get a miniUSB port and two cameras, which might make the 600x800 resolution more bearable.

As with Pandigital's previous slates, the Nova has direct access to the Barnes&Nobles e-book collection. The 8-inch "digital reader" is actually pretty slim at half an inch, and weighs 14 ounces, again not too shabby. If you can stomach the fact that there is no official Android Market and other Google Services support, the Pandigital Nova seems like an affordable alternative for the occasional browsing and movie on the couch or while traveling.

The main downside seems to be battery life, which, for the Pandigital Novel predecessor, which has 7" screen, was roughly half of what the iPad 2 is getting, so that's what we can expect here as well.

source: BestBuy via Engadget




Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Willing to bet this thing sucks big time. You probably would just be wasting your money.

2. LiquidIce unregistered

Willing to bet that's what people thought of the Nook Color before they got their hands on it; this tablet has the same Specs (memory, CPU etc) and as long as the screen is Capacitive (and NOT resistive) it could be pretty interesting. Now to see who will be the guinea pig for us all.... :)

3. jskip unregistered

This unit is surprisingly nice. I recommend for the casual user that doesn't wanna spend $500

4. jskip unregistered

screen is capacitive

5. Sai unregistered

I bought it and I also had the pandigital nova 7 inch. There is no point of comparison this one is really nice and a lot more smother. Screen is actually resistive but it is a lot better than any other resistive, it almost feels capacitive.. but its not, I think they call their technology ActiveTouch. Anyway with an stylus this feels perfect but it works well with fingers, first app I got was angry birds out of the market that it comes with and played it with fingers and it felt (almost) perfect... I am used to my capacitive on my phone so I can tell the difference but it is actually pretty close.

6. beatsfromchicago.admin unregistered

Fortunately those who bad mouth it including the reviewer will feel pretty small when they get their hands on it. Forgetting the fact that this is an ereader with the extras of a tablet.EXTRA means bonus, a privilege not a right. And in fact if he actully did a complete review and did his homework he would know there is an upcoming updae for full adobe flash support (10) Also the unit is not promoting the support of GINGERBREAD, what are you talking about?? Sorry dude, but i got android on mine and the market. Yes, a simple E reader will be able to do what the original IPAD cant do. TAKE FRONT AND REAR PHOTO, VIEW FULL FLASH & VIDEO, BE MORE COMPACT, SUPPORT 1080P (maybe records as well), TAKE UP TO 32 GIG EXTERNAL STORAGE HARDWARE BUTTONS This unit runs fast, accurate and built very very sturdy. All it is missing is a camera flash and a place to hold my beer. DANIEL P. YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOODBYE. LMFAO

7. dom unregistered

hey beatsfromchicago.admin (Daniel P) I tried playing with a Nova at Best Buy this week and the demo unit did not have the Android Market on it. Did you load the market on yours yourself? If so, how did you do it? I'm thinking about buying Nova and would love it if it could get the market...

8. MichelleB

Posts: 1; Member since: Aug 12, 2011

I love my Nova; it is much faster than the Pandigital Novel I received for Christmas. It is great and does have a lot of android features. Pandigital said to go to and there are a lot of applications that can be loaded. The unit is also loaed with UTube application and FB. The android market loaded on the unit is called Getjar. The most important thing to remember is that this is not like the Galaxy or IPAD but it is a great ereader with many many other perks. I have also confirmed with Pandigital that the Flash Player update will be added sometime in October. Any updates will be automatically added to the unit. You do not have to keep checking for updates. This is a very nice feature. Right now I do not have any complaints.

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