Panasonic showcases innovative optical LED identification technology for the smartphone

We think Panasonic is onto something quite interesting, and by encoding information through LED light sources, we can envision immediate consumer shopping benefits in a variety of applications.

Imagine you are shopping for clothes, but wish you could get more information than what the clothing tags reveal, or more information than the store clerk knows. An LED transmitter could deliver a signal to your phone when you point it at the display, and you are provided with a host of additional information up to, and including the ability to ordering or buying the item.

While the idea of using LEDs in this fashion is not new, Panasonic claims to have accelerated the data transmission rates significantly, and the LED systems do not need to operate in light spectrums visible to the human eye.

Panasonic will be bringing the technology to market in its 2016 fiscal year, and we expect the company will license the technology to other manufacturers in other markets.

via: Japan Trends



1. MachDaddy

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i think we're all effective enough consumers as is, no?

2. kent-gaga

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is it just me or some part of this article are very hard to understand?

3. kent-gaga

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5. waddup121 unregistered

Not bad not bad

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