Palm's stock jumps up 9% from favorable reviews of the Pre

Palm's stock jumps up 9% from favorable reviews of the Pre
So far its been one astounding year for Palm who hit some bottoms and sprung back to life with the announcement of the Pre. More good news came out today after the closing bell rung on Wall Street with Palm's stock increasing by 9 percent; up $1.15 for the day and ending at $13.64 per share. The positive reviews from a variety of gadget blogs and sites seem to point the Pre as a hit. It looks pretty unanimous that the Pre is something worth talking about. Not only is it garnering attention in the gadget world, but almost anywhere you tune in, it looks like the Pre is the in thing. We'd assume that no one could have foreseen Palm's stock almost hit the $1 mark six months ago. With launch day right around the corner, Palm will most likely continue to see an increase in their stock.

via Palm Infocenter


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