Pac-Man Geo aims to take on Pokemon Go

Pac-Man Geo aims to take on Pokemon Go
Japanese software giant Bandai Namco has thrown the glove at Niantic and its augmented reality game Pokemon Go. The main hero in this duel is a huge legend in the gaming world - Pac-Man. The pellet-eating dot turns 40 this year and Bandai Namco will honor this anniversary by bringing the Pac-Man experience to the streets. The game in question is called Pac-Man Geo and will make you run for those pellets around real blocks and neighborhoods.

The game is expected to release sometime this fall, and players on iOS and Android can pre-register for it right now. There’s no real press information about the game at this time, besides the official description found on Google Play Store.

Judging by the screenshots, people will be able to create their own mazes or compete in already premade courses. The actual game mechanics are still unknown, though we can vividly imagine people running around on walkways with their phones up their faces. It’s still not clear if there’ll be ghosts chasing you (that’d be fun) or you’ll focus only on collecting pellets (which means less running, more walking).

It’s worth mentioning that the world hasn’t shaken off the COVID-19 disease, and potential lockdowns this fall may interfere hugely with Bandai Namco’s plans to give Pokemon Go a run for its money.
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