PSA: don't use the OnePlus 2 USB Type-C cable with phones that support fast charging

PSA: don't use the OnePlus 2 USB Type-C cable with phones that support fast charging
A couple of weeks ago, Benson Leung, a Google hardware engineer from the Pixel team, started on the journey of reviewing various USB Type-C cables and adapters available on Amazon. As it was to be expected, Leung found that not all USB Type-C cables are built the same and that some might actually damage your devices or accessories.

In a Google+ post from earlier today, Leung wars that the USB Type-C cable and adapter that come with the OnePlus 2 can damage a certain type of USB accessories.

The OnePlus 2 was one of the first smartphones to feature the new reversible USB Type-C connector. Unfortunately, however, the decision come with a major drawback for the second incarnation of the "Flagship Killer", as the OnePlus 2 does not support fast charging due to the lack of a proper controller.

Leung found that the USB Type-C cable and adaptor that OnePlus currently sells integrate non-standard resistors. If you'll use the USB Type-C cable to connect a charger, a power bank, or a USB hub to a smartphone that supports fast charging, there's the risk that you will damage the accessory. As such, Leung recommends not to use the USB Type-C cable from OnePlus with the Google Pixel or the new Nexus smartphones. 

The cable will not cause any damage when using it to connect the OnePlus 2 with accessories, as the phone does not support fast charging.

source: Benson Leung via Neowin


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