Owners of HTC Rezound having problems with interference when using headphones

Owners of HTC Rezound having problems with interference when using headphones
With its Beats Audio by Dre logo on the back of the device, the now iconic red headphones and the special audio technology built in the phone, the HTC Rezound is designed for those who put audio quality above everything else. As Verizon's first Beats Audio phone, there was some pressure on Big Red to have a clean launch with no problems, especially in the audio department.

Having said that, of course it would turn out that some users of the HTC Rezound would have a complaint about the sound of the phone. According to those who have had problems with the model, some type of static interference is coming out through any make of headphones plugged into the 3.5mm phone jack; even the special Beats by Dre phones that come with the handset are picking up the interference. And since the annoying sound can be replicated by streaming new tunes or when playing stored ones, the static and interference apparently have nothing to do with the Beats Audio technology. Some are guessing that the problem has to do with activating the phone's 4G service while others hear the sound no matter whether they are on 4G or 3G.

Not all HTC Rezound users have had this problem, but if you do suffer from it, drop us a comment in the box below and let us know what steps you have taken to try to inform HTC and Verizon about the interference and static. If enough HTC Rezound owners complain, some sort of patch will have to be provided by HTC and Verizon. After all, it doesn't look good to have your top audio-centric smartphone laid up by an audio problem.

source: DroidLife

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