Our readers love metal phones, mostly because of the way they feel and look (poll results)


At the end of last week, it seemed like all anybody could talk about was the LG G5, or how it apparently wasn't a standard metal phone. A video by YouTuber JerryRigEverything showed how the body of the new flagship was actually covered by a relatively thick layer of what appeared to be plastic, with the aluminum sleeping below. LG was quick to chime in and elaborate, saying that it's not plastic, but primer infused with metallic particles instead. It certainly explained why the G5 felt oddly un-metal like.

The debacle aside, this got us thinking: What is it that makes people like metal phones? Because if you're being objective, the G5 is a metal phone, you just won't be touching the aluminum every time you fondle it. So is metal good, because it feels good? Is metal good, because it looks good? Or have people been requesting metal because of any given structural advantages it brings to the table? And while we're at it, does everyone like metal phones?

As it turns out, the majority of participants in our yesterday poll like the sleek material, with just a fifth saying they don't. Those remaining 80% are split between those who most appreciate metals' feel in the hand, followed by folks who dig the looks, and finally people that welcome the structural advantages of the material.

If we get a little creative and careless with statistical extrapolations, we could say that nearly 40% of voters likely don't really mind the fact that the G5's otherwise metal body is covered by primer, because they either don't like metal, or are more concerned with its physical qualities anyway.

Do you like metal smartphones, and why?

Yes, because of the way they feel in the hand
Yes, because of the way they look
Yes, because of the structural advantages they bring

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